Your photo wrapped on a mug - Personalised item

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Your very own photo's printed on a high quality glossy ceramic mug.

We only use the best quality mugs, paper and inks, unlike a lot of suppliers of this kind of item. This ensures a quality print and colour reproduction which is important for giftware. 

Please be aware that because of the shape of a mug (which isn't something we can change easily!) photo's need to be in landscape (horizontal) format, with the main detail contained in an area 19x8cm approx. 

Portrait (vertical) photo's and images without the detail in the area mentioned above can still be used, but we will have to put the image on the mug twice (once on each side), rather than wrapping it around the whole mug. 

If you are unsure if your photo is suitable, just email it to us and we will send you a mock up of how it will look on the mug.