TOPS Data Panel Vinyl Stickers (Full size)

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Our Locomotive Data Panel stickers are full size (254 x 185mm), and we can produce any class required. (Some classes are missing from the list above but we can still produce them to order, and will add them shortly).

Where there are variations between members of the same loco class, we have made up stickers to suit the majority of the class. If you want something loco specific that has different details to those shown (swapping the Brake Code from 'X' to 'A' or 'V', for example) just let us know by adding a note to your order and we will amend them at no extra charge. 

Where some classes were given speed restrictions in the mid 1980's we have included designs with both the original design speed and the restricted speed. 

This item is for BR blue stickers, with white text. We will be adding other livery variations shortly. 

Do please note that these are printed on exterior grade vinyl, but if used outside they will require a fixative spray or coat of clear varnish to prevent them fading.